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Saturn Ergonomics was founded by Murray Gibson, PE, CPE in 2015. In addition to providing practical ergonomics consulting services, Saturn Ergonomics delivers innovative ergonomics technology solutions. Murray began his career applying ergonomics as a plant-level and corporate-level ergonomics engineer for The Torrington Company, a division of Ingersoll-Rand. He designed and implemented an ergonomics process across 14 manufacturing locations. Murray learned first-hand that in order to get results applying ergonomics, it’s vital for ergonomics tools and process to be practical and user-friendly.

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Following his experiences in industry, Murray worked as an ergonomics consultant at Auburn Engineers and Aon Global Risk Consulting, completing projects in over 150 companies. Frustrated by the limitations of the technologies used to apply ergonomics, Murray considered starting his own company … a company committed to providing innovative ergonomics technology solutions. Following discussions with industry ergonomists to better define their technology needs, Murray launched Saturn Ergonomics in 2015 and has never looked back.

In addition to leading Saturn Ergonomics, Murray is a PhD student in Auburn University’s Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering. Auburn University student workers play a significant role in Saturn Ergonomics’ technology innovation and research.

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