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Welcome to clubSATURN Blog

Welcome to the clubSATURN Blog. The vision for the blog is a place to share content, ideas, and practical advice on the application of ergonomics. My goal is for the blog to be relevant for experts and non-experts alike. I will share things I have learned over my career applying ergonomics at the site & corporate levels, and as a consultant in over 150 companies. I will openly share my thoughts & ideas on what I believe works, what doesn't work, and discuss areas in which we might need to improve. I will also share things that I have struggled with, and likewise share approaches refined over time that I have found to consistently get results. Readers will be provided actionable ideas, methods, and approaches that can be taken back to their organization and applied. All topics relevant to the application of ergonomics are fair game. Stay tuned . . .

The clubSATURN Blog will provide updates various technology innovation projects. As we get into 2016 Saturn Ergonomics will be launching a mobile-first technology solution to assist with the application of ergonomics. This solution is called ergoUNIVERSE. Using a cloud-based content deliver model, subscribers to ergoUNIVERSE will use a tablet/pad to access innovative tools used for ergonomics analysis & design, and access customizable template tools providing critical ergonomics process infrastructure. ergoUNIVERSE will also provide access to training videos supporting the apps & tools, and include access to live consulting assistance through a video chat feature. The application of industrial ergonomics usually occurs out on the factory floor (rather than in the office). ergoUNIVERSE is designed to provide the people who apply ergonomics access to the right tools, at the right time, and at the right place.

Additionally, Saturn Ergonomics is in the process of developing and introducing truly innovative technologies designed for the practical application of ergonomics. The goal for these innovations is to enable practitioners to expand the boundaries of the application of ergonomics. Innovations such as practical methods to evaluate localized muscle fatigue, and tools & methods to predictably impact productivity through the application of ergonomics. Be on the lookout for blog posts on these cutting edge innovation topics.

I truly value feedback from others. I invite you to comment, share, or follow using the links on this page.

Murray Gibson

Founder, Ergonomics Consultant


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