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Lean Ergonomics at UFSC in Brazil

UFSC Ergonomics and Lean Masters & Doctorate students

I want to thank UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil) for the guest lecture opportunity yesterday. The topic was Ergonomics Applications for Lean.

And a BIG SHOUTOUT to the students!!!

Students in attendance are working toward careers as Engineers (Production, Mechanical, and Electrical), Product Designers, Architects, Psychologist, and Physiotherapist; and pursuing a Masters or Doctorate Degree in Ergonomics or Lean Manufacturing.

In the web presentation, I shared insights into how the application of ergonomics can be better adapted to meet the needs of Lean. Ergonomics today is so heavily focused on injury prevention that we often fail to harness its power to increase productivity & reduce quality defects. This requires looking at ergonomics from a different perspective, and adapting our tools & approaches.

The organizer was Lizandra Garcia Lupi Vergara. Lizandra has a Doctorate in Ergonomics and is a Professor in the Postgraduate Program in the Department of Production Engineering at UFSC.

I want to thank Lizandra for the opportunity to share Saturn Ergonomics’ technology innovations & approaches with students & faculty abroad.


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