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Announcing New Ergonomics Engineer Intern: Connor Lusk, EIT

Connor Lusk, Ergonomics Engineer Intern at Saturn Ergonomics Consulting

I want to introduce a new team member at Saturn Ergonomics, Connor Lusk.

Connor is a graduate student at Auburn University pursuing a master’s in Industrial & Systems Engineering. Connor is an EIT (Engineer In Training), and completed her undergraduate degree in Metallurgical Engineering at the University of Alabama.

Connor provides expertise in research lit review, and is making contributions with ergonomics technology innovation projects.

Connor’s fist project as Ergonomics Engineer Intern involves helping develop new Force Estimation Technology. This project is currently in the lit review stage, but will soon progress to new model develop & iterative app design, applying Lean product/software design principles. The model will subsequently be shared with industry and academic ergonomics professionals via a new app technology platform being implemented this summer. User feedback will be incorporated into the final model/app design, and there are plans to publish research.

Connor is the first Ergonomics Engineer Intern at Saturn Ergonomics. Students like Connor are anticipated to play a key role in the development of innovative new ergonomics application technologies.


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