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Next Stop Banff! ACE-ODAM 2017

ACE-ODAM 2017 Conference in Banff

Looking forward to attending ACE-ODAM Conference in Banff next week. The conference runs from July 31 - August 3. This will be my first time attending the ACE, Association of Canadian Ergonomists, Conference.

On Thursday, August 3 at 3:30 PM, I will be taking part in a panel discussion: The Challenges and Benefits of Calculating the Cumulative Ergonomics Risk Associated with Multiple Subtasks.

Other panel members are noted ergonomists Jim Potvin, Kevin Perdeaux, Carrie Taylor, and Margo Fraser. I look forward to learning from the insights & experiences of the other panel members, and sharing some of my experiences & ideas in this area.

These new cumulative/additive modeling techniques enable us to evaluate the cumulative or combined impact of similar, but varying ergonomics risk factors. For example, when there are forces of the same general nature, but of different magnitude in the same work cycle. In the past you would possibly evaluate the worst case (evaluate the force of greatest magnitude) or evaluate using a weighted average approach. Traditional ergo evaluation approaches simply do not handle the variation. The newer approaches - as will be discussed in this roundtable - ARE designed to deal with the variation and provide metrics enabling us to better identify situations that may result in worker fatigue.


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