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Ergo Innovation Space™ Visit Update

Special visitors to the Ergo Innovation Space™ last Friday. JC Rodriguez, Global Ergonomics & Safety Manager for Georgia-Pacific; and Auburn University OSE program students - Connor Lusk, Rong Huangfu, and Bob Granzow.

JC has a broad background in ergonomics … spanning both industry and consulting. Visits by industry ergo leaders like JC are a vital component to understanding the ergo technology needs of industry and getting feedback on new technology innovations. And an opportunity to share ideas.

JC and I began the meeting Friday morning, and the Auburn students joined us later that morning. We all went to lunch at The Depot across the street. This was an opportunity for the students to meet & interact with JC, an industry ergo professional who in the words of one student “has their future dream job”. We all had a blast talking ergonomics.

After lunch, Connor Lusk, Ergonomics Engineer Intern for Saturn Ergonomics, presented the innovation project that she has been working on … Force Estimation Technology. We shared a working app prototype with JC. The app is designed to accurately convert subjective 1-10 ratings to actual lb.-force values. Predictive equations “calibrate” the app for the individual user with readily obtainable inputs of gender, height, age, and bodyweight. This new technology makes it possible to obtain accurate force values when force is either difficult to measure, or when a force gauge is unavailable (often the case with torque/turning forces).

Rong Huangfu and I then shared a new technology innovation project with JC. This project involves developing a practical dynamic shoulder evaluation model that accounts for both segment weight and object weight.

At day’s end everyone received a Toomer’s™ Lemonade (yes, from Toomer’s Drugs in downtown Auburn, AL) and their choice of a delicacy popcorn from The Auburn Popcorn Company™.

It was a rewarding experience to host JC and the Auburn students at the Ergo Innovation Space™.


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