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Meaning of Saturn

For me, naming my business was very personal. I think the name should reflect the purpose, mission, image, and ideals of the business itself. I sort of stumbled upon the Saturn name. After developing a long list of potential company names, and liking none of them, I decided to try my hand at a logo. I developed a sketch of a logo (a 2-colored circle with a horizontal line through the middle), but did not really have a company identity or name for it. That afternoon my son brought home his school art journal. One of the drawings in his journal was very similar to my logo design sketch. I asked him what it was. He said, “Dad, that is the amazing planet Saturn.”

That caught my attention, and I liked how it sounded. I then did a web search for “Saturn”, and found that the planet has some meanings in astronomy and astrology that resonated with my ideas for a consulting business. In astrology, Saturn is associated with the governance of time, space, and movement. This reminded me of my interest in modifying traditional Industrial Engineering techniques (time and motion study) to better fit productivity-related ergonomics applications. And Saturn is frequently associated with the concept of human limitations. One of the primary goals in industrial ergonomics is to prevent injuries by not exceeding human (physical) limitations.

My business finally had a name!

Murray Gibson, PE, CPE

Founder & Consultant

Saturn Ergonomics Consulting, LLC.


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