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In addition to leading Saturn Ergonomics, Murray Gibson is a non-traditional PhD student in the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Auburn University. Murray’s research interests rapidly grew as Saturn Ergonomics pursued innovative ergonomics technology solutions, and becoming a part-time PhD student was a natural fit.

Murray routinely serves as a guest lecturer at Auburn University’s Samual Ginn College of Engineering and Harbert College of Business. 

Active innovation/research projects at Saturn Ergonomics include:

  • Application technologies for force and fatigue evaluation

  • Simulated ergonomics evaluation

  • Dynamic biomechanics modeling

Murray actively collaborates with researchers and students in the United States, Canada, Poland, and Iran. Current research projects include:

  • Five New MAE-based Equations

  • Rethinking Ergonomics Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Smartphone Ergonomics SLR (Systematic Literature Review)

  • Force Estimation Technology

Click the links below for additional information on Murray’s research.

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